Who We Are


We believe in providing people with the tools and guidance to make a positive impact in this world. Our principals are very simple: teaching the word of God, building the community of God, and showing the hospitality of God. We believe followers of Christ should follow in His footsteps to reach out to their community with open arms.


We are a non-denominational church with a casual, welcoming atmosphere for the whole family. We simply teach the word of God verse by verse.

Let your children play with other kids during church in our Calvary Kid program offered for Infants – 5th grade.


Juan Guevara is from Argentina and has been married to Brooke, a Florida girl, for the past eleven years. They have four children that are homeschooled by Brooke: Josiah, Lily, Madelyn, and their newborn Lio.

Juan loves futbol and asado and you can typically find him any day of the week at Disney with a Starbucks in hand. Juan also believes in teaching the word of God and with that he has led many mission trips to Cartagena, Columbia.

Brooke is a social butterfly and loves to chat with people especially while at Disney, but her true love is being a culinary genius and serving the most important meal for dinner – breakfast…yum!

Both Juan and Brooke have a hospitality background and therefore welcome everyone with open arms and love to serve within their community.

They have always had this need to serve, even when they were with the family ministry at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale. In 2013 they decided they needed to expand their community and moved to the happiest place on earth – Lake Buena Vista aka Disney. Here they started reaching out to the community with a Bible Study that still is meeting weekly.